Coding for Codgers

OK, we've programmed the flashing light in the initial project. Where do we go next?

Here are a few suggestions, but (within reason) we can go anywhere you want.

Traffic lights

Using a similar computer to that for the flashing light, we can build a (model) set of traffic lights.

This needs a slightly bigger computer as it has to cope with lots of inputs from 'car detectors' and has to control lots of lights

You won't need to know much more of the computer language for this, but you might be surprised how complicated the operation and timing of a set of traffic light can be.

Web pages

Web pages are written in html - a language which describes what goes on the screen and where it goes.

Web pages can include code (javascript in these examples) to make things happen  

You can do much more complicated things in web pages. Here's one that you shouldn't be able to beat at noughts and crosses.

Excel or Word

If you have either of these on your computer, then you already have a development system for writing programs in Visual Basic.

I won't include any examples here as downloaded files of this type containing code can be very dangerous. It would be easy to write one which would delete all of your files!

Never download excel or word documents unless you know the author to be reliable
Make sure the security options are set in word processing and spreadsheet programs to warn you about included code (also called macros).